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Can someone please explain...

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On 2009-07-16, Mutlley <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> I'd like to know what every fracking update to Itunes is so bloated.

Apple is Ms Windows brother. (hint history)

> I believe the latest one is designed to cripple Itunes ability to sync
> apps with certain new mobiles out there.. (non iphone)

See above.

Question, why are you still on that platform? Get off it and offer
competition and freedom to yourself.
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On Jul 16, 8:50*pm, Max Burke <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> How come downloading the latest iTunes update (74MB) from Major Geeks
> Internode mirror in Australia I get the following 'performance:'
> Download peek speed 1 to 1.5 MBits per second, average speed 500-750
> Kbits second, download time 15-30 minutes.
> *From Major Geeks mirrors in the USA I get the following performance:
> Download peek speed 10-12 MBits per second, average speed 7.53 MBits per
> second, download time 1-2 minutes. (actual download was 1 minute 41 seconds)
> On Paradise 10Mbit/2Mbit cable plan using Orbit download manager.
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> (E-Mail Removed)
> Replace the obvious with to email me
> Found Images

Well, there could be a whole bag of reasons, load on the remote
server....saturation of the sea cable....routeing settings/policy by
your ISP, router fault or overload...etc etc....I use something called
smokeping to look at latency......



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