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FindBy<> method in Typed DataSet.

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Dear Group:

A question regarding the behavior of the Visual Studio.NET.

When I drag the "Customers" table in "Northwind" database on Server Explorer
to my web page, then select the DataAdapter object, and then right-click to
"Generate DataSet.." The C# class source file for this typed DataSet would
have the following method

public CustomersRow FindByCustomerID(string CustomerID) {
return ((CustomersRow)(this.Rows.Find(new object[] {

in the CustomerDataTable class. It's quite convenient to use that to do key
value search.

But if I have an XML file, and use XML Schema Designer to create the schema
for that XML file, select the primary key on the schema, and save the files,
the generated C# class source file would *not* have that "FindBy<key name>"
method in it.

Can someone advice how does VS.NET determines when to create that "FindBy"
method based on the schema attributes?


from Henry

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