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Gridview row information disappearing after selectedIndexChanged

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I have a master/details setup with a GridView and DetailsView both in UpdatePanels. When the DetailsView is edited and updated, I want these changes to be reflected in the GridView, but without rebinding that data (which could change the selectedItem's sort order among other problems it causes) On DetailsView ItemUpdated I have the following:

' Update Gridview '
ProductsGridView.Rows(selectedIndex).Cells(1).Text = e.NewValues("ProductName")
ProductsGridView.Rows(selectedIndex).Cells(2).Text = e.NewValues("Category")

This works fine when updating, but when a new item is selected in the Gridview, the updated text disappears. Why is this and how can I keep that info? When it is rebound it is fine if it changes position, put until it gets re-bound I would like that data to persist. Thanks.
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