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Re: Problems with uploading to server

Harlan Messinger
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will wrote:
> Hi folks, I need help and do not know where to search; know, some will say
> "off-topic", but cannot help, except apologize.
> I have some stuff posted and would like to change it, replacing it with some
> that is edited. But server keeps the same post, even though I have deleted
> it and replaced with the new stuff. The agony is on for days, and I did
> everything that the people at the server suggested. I have developed such
> headaches that is hard to beleive.
> Any idea what could it be?
> .

Instead of making people waste time giving you ideas that you were
already given and that you found not to work, would you mind explaining
what ideas *didn't* work?
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Doug Miller
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In article <(E-Mail Removed)>, "will" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>That is the most probabli the case, because I saw that thre are few levels
>in the servers directory.

If that is the problem ...

>I have bought a brand new flash yesterday, where I
>shall keep only one copy of the stuff and copy the stuff from there.

... then this is *not* the solution.

Regardless of whether you have a single copy, or multiple copies, on your own
machine, if there are multiple copies on the host server you may still have
the problem.

If you have multiple copies on the host server, then you have only two
possible solutions:
a) get rid of all but one copy -- hopefully the right one.
b) read your code carefully to make sure you know which copy it's using, then
make sure you upload only to that copy.

The preferred solution is a).
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