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Questions about MacBook Pro
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I have several questions about MacBook Pro.

Can anybody tell me if a Usenet newsreader is installed in the model's
basic software or is a separate newsreader download required?

I recently downloaded Unison as a newsreader, incidentally, with the
understanding that there is no newsreader. But are there any other
alternative or better newsreaders that are commonly used for MacBook

I also have trouble getting the computer to wirelessly speak with the
printer, even though the latter can work on Bluetooth.

Regarding the e-mail program, is there any way to completely erase some
messages, while holding others simply in Trash?

My last question concerns security. I downloaded MacScan and ProtectMac
AntiVirus, but they are only a 30-day trial basis. I was thus hoping
that somebody might tell me if there are any other free programs that I
could download for these purposes.


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