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Show calendarweek in Datagrid possible

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Is it possible to display the calendarweek and year of date-columum in a datagrid ?


Datagrid now:
ordernr date
12 31.12.2003
27 01.01.2004

wished Datagrid:
ordernr date
12 2003/52
27 2004/01

Can I do this with the method:

boundcolumn.DataFormatString = "{0:d-??...}"

I need something like: boundcolumn.DataFormatString = "{0:d-yyyy-ww ????}"

or are there other solutions ?

Version 1
Can I change the column to a string-field ?

For Each dr In objDV.Table.Rows
'Year and week of Date
dr.Item(3) = Mid(dr.Item(3), 7, 4) & "/" & mid(dr.Item(3),4,2)


Version 2

Can I create this expression in a stored procedure (mssql 2k)
datepart(w,datexy) - but I need the week with length 2 (2003/07 not 2003/7)

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