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Trace listeners

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I have created an application as a project, and also another project
that is just a class library.
My application calls a function in the class library.
I am attempting to place instrumentation inside the function of my class
library to write to a text file, I am using an TextWriterTraceListener

The problem is that I can write to the trace listener with the following
code, but only once

' Creates the text file that the trace listener will write to.
Dim myTraceLog As New System.IO.FileStream("C:\myTraceLog.txt",
' Creates the new trace listener
Dim myListener As New TextWriterTraceListener(myTraceLog)
myListener.WriteLine("Called IsSecureUser Function")

The class function (above) is called from a button click event. The first
time the button is pressed then no problem.
If the button is clicked again then I get an error saying "The process
cannot access the file "C:\myTraceLog.txt" because it is being used by
another process."

if I close the file at the end of the function I get the error "Cannot
access a closed file."

and if I close the trace listener I get "Cannot write to a closed
TextWriter." the first time that I press the button.

could anybody please tell me how I re use the trace listener over and over
again without the error.

thank you in advance.



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