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Re: Defrag killed hard drive

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j wrote:
> I have a 120 gig external hard drive. I used the Windows defragmenter on it
> today and I cancelled the defrag because it was taking too long. After
> cancelling the defrag, the drive ceased working.
> When the drive worked, windows explorer identified it as "Newkirk 120" and
> allowed me to see it's directory tree. Since cancelling the defrag, explorer
> now identifies it as "local drive H" and will not show me it's directory
> tree. It acts as if the drive is an unformatted empty drive.
> Does anyone have knowledge of this type of problem and what to do about it?

Hi there

As already mentioned by TeeJay try using checkdisk, as its an external
drive you can do it without the recovery console, depending on what
version of windows you are using you should be able to right click on
your drive, property's, tools then check now, make sure automatically
fix errors is selected, if that does not work there are various
programs you can use for data recovery, such as:

Restoration (freeware worth a try, no cost), its a bit hit and miss tho.
Lost and found, get data back (ntfs and fat versions sold separately),
Undelete, there's also whole hard drive recovery tools also such as

If the data is unimportant and the drive is dying you should just
replace the drive, however it is possible that the filesystem is just
damaged and the physical drive is ok, if so it should be fine to
reformat and use, out of all the programs I listed for recovery the best
one (in my opinion) is Get data Back, I've had huge success with that
program, spinrite is supposed to be the best hard drive
recovery/maintenance program out there however in my experience I have
only had it successfully work once out of dozens of hard drives its also
very slow, best results (for me) would be to use get data back and copy
off the data to another drive (don't save to the drive you are recovering)

Good luck, hopefully checkdisk will work for you.


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