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Re: pre-initialized dpram functional simulation

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On 26 Haziran, 19:58, Mike Treseler <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Serkan wrote:
> > *It takes two much time to simulate using that method.
> > *Is not there any way to do it without the testbench writing the
> > values?

> Is your intent to test the ram design?
> Finding the init data does not prove
> that the ram works.
> * * * -- Mike Treseler

No I do not want to test the ram. I have a design to test which has a
dpram. So I need a dpram model to help testing my design.
I created a ram(in my case dpram_32k) using the Xilinx Core
I have a mif file that has the initial values to be entered to the ram
at the time 0 of test.(I do not want to do it on the testbench by
myself for timing purposes. This is important)
I just want to make a functinal simulation using Modelsim with the ram
initialized using the mif file that I have before the test starts.

I am missing something in the steps that I cant be able to initialize
the ram with the numbers in the milf file.

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