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File Upload Frustration

DotNet Dude
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Looking for any and all ideas on how to resolve the following problem
I'm having:

I'm writing a file upload web application for the following

Windows 2003
IIS 6.0
Client Certificate Required

I've been able to do a 65 Meg file without issue, but when I try an 80
Meg file, I get the following error:

"Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested

or I get a HTTP Status Code of 500, and the sc-win32-status in the iis
is 1450 which corresponds to the above message

I've implemented the code as a module, and at this point, I'm even
doing anything with the contents of the request (I've disabled the
code that would write the file to disk on the server).

I've tweaked the following parameters:

I've tried adjusting the maxRequestLength in the web.config, but don't
believe this is necessary given the way I've implemented the upload
code (i.e. in a module vs. using the FileUpload control).

I've set the UploadReadAheadSize property in the metabase to 120 Meg,
and though that fixed the 413 error I was getting before this, it
doesn't help with this problem.

I've also set the AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed property in the metabase
to 120 Meg.

Any thoughts?
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DotNet Dude
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Additional Information To The Above Issue:

I have watched the w3wp process on the web server when I've been
uploading the files, and I get two very different scenarios as the
attempted upload plays out.

For those files that ultimately succeed, I noticed that the w3wp
process increases the amount of memory it is using as soon as I submit
the request by an amount nearly identical to the size of the file I am

For those files that ultimately fail, I noticed that the w3wp process
does not change the amount of memory it is consuming (or it changes by
a very small amount).

Those attempts that fail, do not fail instantaneously, but rather run
for about 2 minutes and then fail --- responding with the
"Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested
service." message.

However, based on the information obtained from comparing uploads, it
appears as though the w3wp process "knows" whether the request will
succeed or fail upon its submission --- thus, I'm not sure why it
waits the approx 2 minutes before it announces that it failed.

Does this ring any bells for anyone?
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