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Greg Reyna
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Learning Python (on a Mac), with the massive help of Mark Lutz's
excellent book, "Learning Python".

What I want to do is this:
I've got a Class Object that begins with a def. It's designed to be
fed a string that looks like this:

"scene 1, pnl 1, 3+8, pnl 2, 1+12, pnl 3, 12, pnl 4, 2+4,"

I'm parsing the string by finding the commas, and pulling out the
data between them.
No problem so far (I think...) The trouble is, there is a place
where code is repeated:

1. Resetting the start & end position and finding the next comma in the string.

In my previous experience (with a non-OOP language), I could create a
'procedure', which was a separate function. With a call like:
var=CallProcedure(arg1,arg2) the flow control would go to the
procedure, run, then Return back to the main function.

In Python, when I create a second def in the same file as the first
it receives a "undefined" error. I can't figure out how to deal with
this. How do I set it up to have my function #1 call my function #2,
and return?

The only programming experience I've had where I pretty much knew
what I was doing was with ARexx on the Amiga, a language much like
Python without the OOP part. ARexx had a single-step debugger as
part of the language installation. I've always depended on a
debugger to help me understand what I'm doing (eg Script Debugger for
Apple Script--not that I understand Apple Script) Python's debug
system is largely confusing to me, but of course I'll keep at it. I
would love to see a step-by-step debugging tutorial designed for
someone like me who usually wants to single-step through an entire

Thanks for any help,
Greg Reyna

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