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Re: pyserial question

Dennis Lee Bieber
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On Thu, 18 Jun 2009 14:24:42 +0300, Piter_ <(E-Mail Removed)> declaimed
the following in gmane.comp.python.general:

> Hi all.
> I try to control some equipment from python trough comport.
> I have not succeeded in pyserial. But if I use this terminal:
> It works with following settings.
> Boud rate: 9600
> Data bids: 8
> Parity: none
> stop bids: 1
> Handshaking: RST on TX
> I cant find out how to set "Handshaking RST on TX" in pyserial.

Never encountered "RST" mode... "RTS" mode is common.

>From the source -- a port can be initialized with:

def __init__(self,
port = None, #number of device, numbering
starts at
#zero. if everything fails, the
#can specify a device string,
#that this isn't portable
#port will be opened if one is
baudrate=9600, #baudrate
bytesize=EIGHTBITS, #number of databits
parity=PARITY_NONE, #enable parity checking
stopbits=STOPBITS_ONE, #number of stopbits
timeout=None, #set a timeout value, None to
wait forever
xonxoff=0, #enable software flow control
rtscts=0, #enable RTS/CTS flow control
writeTimeout=None, #set a timeout for writes
dsrdtr=None, #None: use rtscts setting,
dsrdtr override if true or false
interCharTimeout=None #Inter-character timeout, None
to disable

If RTS/CTS is not doing what you need... You may have to go very
low-level -- programmatically setting and clearing the control lines.

def setRTS(self, level=1):
"""Set terminal status line: Request To Send"""
if not self.hComPort: raise portNotOpenError
if level:
self._rtsState = win32file.RTS_CONTROL_ENABLE
self._rtsState = win32file.RTS_CONTROL_DISABLE

Again, both of those clips are readily viewable by just looking at
the .py files in the serial package.
Wulfraed Dennis Lee Bieber KD6MOG Removed) (E-Mail Removed)
(Bestiaria Support Staff: (E-Mail Removed))

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