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Migrate Windows to a new HDD

- Bobb -
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> "Jeff Strickland" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:h1dqad$c0j$(E-Mail Removed)
>> My wife's computer is filling to capacity, and I'm going to need a new
>> HDD soon. We've already moved files and the majority of what's left is
>> apps.
>> If I bought a new HDD, could I simply copy the entirety of the existing
>> drive to the new one and have a valid install of the OS and all programs?
>> This would eliminate lots of other work if it can be done.
>> My logic is often flawed, but it says that if I copy the entire contents
>> of a HDD to a new HDD, then I should retain all settings, the only
>> difference being that the new drive would have more space.

If you don;t have the install CD's for a lot of stuff ( I think we've all
been there), to "clean up" - clone HDD
Backup registry. Then uninstall old, unused apps.
THEN run program like Ccleaner - it's very good at cleaning up registry -
removing then unused links to tweak new HDD registry, shutdown/restart a few
times to make sure all OK after tweaking before tossing old HDD. In fact
since not much use for a 20gb drive these days, I'd just leave it in the
box - unplugged - and if ever a problem in the future - there it is.

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