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Visual Basic is Dead!

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Sanders Kaufman wrote:

> "Mike" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:(E-Mail Removed)...
>> Sanders Kaufman wrote:

>>> It's a very effective spam strategy.
>>> Post something like "is vb dead" or "Why Abortion is Good" - and you
>>> can harvest a bunch of ID's from the responses.

>> It only works against people who use their (or a real) email address
>> here.
>> Look at mime! <g>

> You're looking at it from the perspective of a victim.

> If you eschew the victim mentality, you won't feel the need to cower
> behind Internet anonymity before.

I'm sure there are people who don't mind spam, in fact, desire it for
whatever reason. I've been involved in telecommunications since early
80s. I don't need to directly expose my contact addresses to "bad
guys", further watering them down, making it less trustworthy. In
additional, there is something about cyberspace that brings out the
"best" (sarcastic) in us, its makes the shy more vocal, more ignorant,
more rude, when in real face to face, the irony they might be the
nicest people. I have learned it is best (for me, for who I am and
represent in the near 30 years of telecommunications work) to remain
anonymous as much as possible when you are having public exchanges
with people, especially in one that has gone global where you can be
much greatly "victimized" in many ways.


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