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Template typedef.

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I have two template classes:

template <typename X> class Simple { ... };

template <typename T, typename S> class Complex { ... };

The "Complex" class typically takes some Simple type as it's S
parameter, e.g.:

Complex<int, Simple<int> >

I'm trying to make typedefs for some of the more common cases. For
cases where the types are already known, it's easy (note that S is not
always a Simple<>, it can be anything,):

typedef Complex<int, Simple<int> > ComplexInt;
typedef Complex<Something, Another> ComplexSomething;

Is there a way to make something like a typedef for cases where T and
X are unknown but are the same type, and S is a Simple<T>, and still
have T be a template parameter? E.g. something like (I know this is

template <typename T> Complex<T, Simple<T> > ComplexGeneric;

So that later on all you need to do is this:

ComplexGeneric<int> g;

And it is equivalent to:

Complex<int, Simple<int> > g;

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Victor Bazarov
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JC wrote:
> [..]
> I'm trying to make typedefs for some of the more common cases. [..]

Search the archives (using for "template
typedefs", and you shall find.

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