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Re: Do I need a switch with VLAN and QoS?

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QoS is a layer 3 method of prioritizing IP traffic so that lower priority
traffic is dropped before higher priority traffic when there is conjestion
on a link between routers. A switch is a layer 2 device which does not
apply QoS but it can be used to mark the priority of the traffic. In your
case you need a router that does QoS at the two locations where the VoIP
traffic is. You will need to mark the traffic appropriately so that you and
your MPLS provider use the same QoS markings and that they mean the same
thing. You will also need to make sure that the VoIP traffic is prioritized
on your outbound links to the MPLS cloud, so that your router is dropping
the non-VoIP traffic before other traffic. Once in the MPLS cloud your
provider will honor the markings and also drop non-VoIP traffic first. I
would suggest you get some assistance in putting this together. The vendor
that supports your Avaya system is a good place to look for help as they
will be very familier with QoS and how to implement it correctly.

"Artie Lange" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:h16igo$idk$(E-Mail Removed)...
> just bob wrote:
>> I think I finally need a real managed switch with VLAN and QoS. I need to
>> somehow prioritize VoIP traffic on a LAN.
>> Basically San Francisco and Los Angeles Springs each have an Avaya IP
>> Office PBX which transfers calls over VoIP. We have no VoIP phones or
>> other devices, just these PBX's supporting VoIP to each other.

> Very nice phone system
>> Previously these locations were connected via a Point-to-Point circuit
>> with gobs of extra bandwidth, and at my busy SF location I had the PBX on
>> a sub network away from all other traffic. But that is going away so now
>> we need to prioritize the local traffic. The new MPLS circuit will
>> prioritize across the WAN but locally I need to do something, too.
>> Let me know if you have any ideas. I'm hoping a very inexpensive switch
>> with basic management will do this for me.
>> Thanks!

> About any Cisco or HP switch should suffice.
> This should get you started as this is the smallest switch to look into
> depending on bandwidth needs

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