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ANN: pyTenjin 0.8.0 - much faster template engine than Django

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I have released pyTenjin 0.8.0

pyTenjin is the fastest template engine for Python.

* Very fast (about 10 times faster than Django template engine)
* Easy to learn (no need to learn template-original language)
* Full-featured (layout template, partial template,
preprocessing, ...)
* Very small (only 1,200 lines, one file)
* Goole AppEngine supported.

Changes from 0.7.0

HTML helper function 'tagattr()' is renamed to 'tagattrs()'.
(Notice that new 'tagattr()' is added. See below.)

* 'tagattrs()' is changed to add ' ' (space) at the first character.
(0.7.0) tagattr(klass='error') #=> 'class="error"'
(0.7.1) tagattrs(klass='error') #=> ' class="error"'

* 'tagattrs()' is changed to handle 'checked', 'selected', and
'disabled' attributes.
>>> from tenjin.helpers.html import *
>>> tagattrs(checked=True, selected='Y', disabled=1)

' checked="checked" selected="selected" disabled="disabled"'
>>> tagattrs(checked=False, selected='', disabled=0)



Template caching is changed to keep template file's timestamp
instead of create time of cached object. See
for details. (Thanks Steve)


* Add new HTML helper function 'tagattr()'.
(Notice that 'tagattr()' in 0.7.0 is renamed into 'tagattrs()'.)
>>> from tenjin.helpers.html import *
>>> tagattr('size', 20)

' size="20"'
>>> tagattr('size', 0)

>>> tagattr('size', 20, 'large')

' size="large"'
>>> size = 20 # you can use tagattrs() instead of tagattr

>>> tagattrs(size=(size and 'large'))

' size="large"'

* Add new HTML helper function 'new_cycle()'.
>>> from tenjin.helpers.html import *
>>> cycle = new_cycle('odd, 'even')
>>> cycle()

>>> cycle()

>>> cycle()

>>> cycle()


* (experimental) Template converter is changed to add dummy if-
when first Python statement is indented. (Thanks Steve)
$ cat ex.pyhtml
<?py for item in items: ?>
<?py #end ?>
$ pytenjin -sb ex.pyhtml
<ul>\n''', ));
if True: ## dummy
for item in items:
_buf.extend((''' <li>''', escape(to_str(item)),
'''</li>\n''', ));
_buf.extend((''' </ul>
</html>\n''', ));

* Update User's Guide and FAQ.

Have fun!

makoto kuwata

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Igor Katson
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kwatch wrote:
> I have released pyTenjin 0.8.0

Thanks for your project. I have used it a little, and there is a
question to you.

import tenjin
from tenjin.helpers import *
shared_cache = tenjin.GaeMemcacheCacheStorage()
engine = tenjin.Engine(cache=shared_cache)

1. Why should I import tenjin.helpers if I don't use the helpers in my code?
2. Why does the code not work if I don't import the helpers?

I think you should manage this issue inside the library.
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