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setting form variables on server side

Mordecai Zibkoff
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Dear sirs,
I am currently buildng a system for storing user
interactivity on my web application, so that I may
examine the results of user activity at a later time. I'm
storing various bits of information present in the users
HttpRequest (Form data, Cookies, Query string data, session
data, headers, URL, etc.) into a database. I would like to
be able to extract this data again, and pass it to the
server, thus loading the page again under the same
conditions. My problem is I need to setup these conditions
and redirect to the page from a link on another page. I can
set headers and cookies and session data, and I can even
pass query string values through the response.redirect. I
can even preserve post data from the current request by
using server.transfer, what I don't know how to do is
modify the post data so that its the same as the data in my
persistnce store before redirecting. Please help.

P.S. I would also like to capture the HTML that was served
to the user as a result of his request. I'm not clear on
how to do that either.

Mordecai Zibkoff
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