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FEED another way

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Surprising, BAG files for the uucp/nntp server still work
i can not use a uucp node/server but i can create/toss a Bag files

if intereted cont... read

bag files are use in this case for tranfering usenet/newsgroups post
to news server, it's bidirectionnel and
are archive in RAR , bag files can be use on unix/windows/linux etc
.... they are plain text

if you are interested to feed (inbound or outbound) your news server
(NNTP), i create a feed just for this propose
i carry around 60k+ groups

This files are available from a FTP ->
You can Upload yours in the ftp at ->
they will be toss and filter for spam

Bag files are MAX compress with WINRAR ratio is 6:1 +- or 20%-+

I can Feeed in FTP automaticly to your ftp server
just give me a access

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