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EU Antitrust Case Against Microsoft

Lawrence D'Oliveiro
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Some quite imaginative, not to say fanciful, arguments being put forward
< 634>:

"Users don't want a computer that comes with 700 default setting
choices," Liebeler said, adding that PC makers are already aware of
users' resistance to bundled software, called "crapware" by some wags.

All the open-source systems on Earth have got this sussed by now; you just
bring up the package manager, tick a box for the feature you want, and it's
installed. Change your mind? Untick the box, and it's gone. All necessary
dependencies are automatically brought in on demand, and can be
automatically removed when no longer needed, you don't have to worry about

... ACT had claimed earlier this week that the EU's likely remedies
could break third-party applications written for Windows. "There is a
significant risk that a broad range of applications written for the
Windows operating system would be 'broken' by a requirement to remove or
disable pieces of IE code," ACT said.

What's the matter, haven't they figured out their build dependencies yet?
Even if I don't have a prebuilt package for my distro, the source invariably
includes a "configure" script that checks if my system has everything the
package needs, and lets me know if not.

So all these objections are the direct result of limitations in Microsoft
Windows and the proprietary development ecosystem, nothing more.

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