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Thermaltake Duo Orb CPU Cooler

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Dragon Steel Mods have a new review of the Thermaltake Duo Orb CPU Cooler, which includes blue/red LEDs on the fan:

The specs read 21db as the sound level, but it sounds a bit louder than that honestly, 20db is about the sound level of a whisper or a mosquito buzzing around, the Duo Orb sounds much louder than that, but it's not overly loud though. I used my Core2Duo6420 for testing, Ambient room temperature was 19C (+/- .3). I used Orthos Stress Prime to get load on the CPU and used CoreTemp to log the results which were then average out to get a single temperature for the charts below. First up is testing with the fan connected to the CPU header on the motherboard, I've compared the Duo to several other coolers I've got on hand.
Read the review here.
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