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Re: damn RAM

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Silver Surfer Seventy wrote:
> Hello, good people. I have been watching this group from the sidelines for a
> while, and thought that some-one could give me the benefit of their
> expertise, as there seems to be a lot about here.
> After being told by various programs that I needed more RAM I decided to
> upgrade from one stick of 512 MB to two sticks of 2 GB
> Now I dont know if I have gone over the top here but only less than 3 GB is
> showing up.
> When I look at system properties it tells me-
> ************************************************** ****
> System:
> Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3
> Desk top PC ,,,,,Thinkcentre
> Manufactured and supported by: Lenovo
> Intel(R)
> Pentium(R) DCPU 3.00GHz 2.99 GHz,
> 2.98 GB of RAM
> *********************************************
> It took about all the wit I possess to install it, so I can't work out where
> the other 1.2 GB RAM has got to, so wondered if anybody
> can explain this, how to fix it, or whether I can just ignore it.
> I don't play super fast games or anything, I just use my computer for
> shopping for groceries on line, paying bills, using e-bay and watching the
> odd streaming videos on you tube or the BBC, all very ordinary stuff.
> Am I trying too hard, and should I settle for what I have managed to do as
> regarding the ram. I am not smart computer wise (as is obvious) and all I
> know is what people tell me on line, or what I google. I don't know any
> young people who I could ask for advice.
> Thanks for any scraps of wisdom you might throw my way, but please keep it
> simple.
You got just can't see it
Tee Jay
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