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media usage rights?

wisdomkiller & pain
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richard wrote:

> Yet another attempt by the microsoft legal department to appease the
> RIAA and MPAA gods. Since DRM came about, any attempt in using the
> WMV/WMA formats, causes this action to take place if the uneducated
> user thereof, did not turn off the "rights" before production.
> In my personal puny little opinion, this action by M$ violates the
> copyright laws of the USA. M$ claims that YOU need a license to hear
> music or watch a video. Not in accordance with the copyright laws.

It all depends upon the contract you signed when "buying" the license tied
to the (physical or not) product.
What, you couldn't read the smallprint or got it with the already bought
product? That would be a thing to discuss with your lawyer ... and at least
(s)he will become a wealthy one *eg*.

> The copyright laws clearly state that as long as you purchased, or
> obtained, the item legally, you have an unlimited license to use that
> item at your discretion for as long as you want, as many times as you
> want.

"Pay-per-view" or such schemes are illegal, then?

> When you go to buy a book or check one out from the local library, are
> you required to purchase a license that limits your use of that book?
> No you are not.

Not yet. But wait ... the electronic form of distribution will change that
as well (talking about e-book readers becoming popular).

> DRM and "MUR" is a crock of **** and should be shot down by the courts
> of the United States.

You buy the junk, you have the waste and the deposit fees as well. Stay with
drm-free public domain formats like ogg.

> In my experiences, trying to get a license has been futile. I haven't
> been able to get one yet online.

It's been a freebie download, so what ...

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