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Re: Windows secuity hole

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On Tue, 19 May 2009 07:30:25 -0400, David Sherman
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>I tried to retrofit a "windows XP" machine into a Windows Vista
>machine for the past 2 days. My problems including no sound and no
>modem and a machine that wouldn't boot with a new sound card or an
>external USB device attached to it.
>I can live with the failure of retrofitting.
>But I can't live with the following:
>For some reason , known only to Microsoft and / or Symantec, both
>"vista machines" want to share my music library. The problem is that I
>don't have any shares on either machine.
>The problem also exists when I restored the Windows XP machine.
>I noticed this behavior when I was sitting in a airport waiting for a
>plane. Airport was in a wireless network. Yesterday was wired.
>I wonder what will happen in Windows 7.
>Why does "Vista" automatically search for media libraries to share?
>Does this behavior happen when 2 XP machines are side by side?
>I have NIS 2009 installed on both machines with the installed default
>behavior on both machines?
>Again who is too blame? How do I fix this? (I know, use Linux)

It's not a security hole, it's a feature M$ insists upon you having.
Enter help and support and search for "shared music". You'll find some
useful things to help you turn this crap off.

AFAIK, windows media player will only look for shared music
automatically on the "C:\" drive, not on any others unless you tell it
to. Personally, I avoid using the thing.
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