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Re: Clamwin anyone?

No Alternative
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I would run spybot SD and clam under safemode. Safemode gives you access
to system files you wouldn't otherwise be able to touch, and which could
have been infected. While you at it, you should also run ccleaner. I
would also get rid of outlook express and Internet Explorer and replace
them with Firefox and Thunderbird. I would use the noscript extension
for both. I would also try to find a antiphishing extension for
Thunderbird. If that didnt' zap the problem I would reintall windows,
reformatting the harddrive twice, and start fresh with firefox and
thunderbird. If that didn't take care of the problem, I would install

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No Alternative
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On Mon, 18 May 2009 13:16:03 -0400, Alexander Farquad wrote:

> In the SAFE MODE, I just ran Spybot S&D to investigate 534,000 files.
> The results? CLEAN. I also use Firefox instead of Windows and I want to
> keep OE for mail. Any other ideas?

Try clam and ccleaner in safemode, and if that doesn't work reformatting,
and re-installation.

If you use oe 6 or less, for mail and news, yer a sittin duck to be
honest with you. You can also replace internet explorer/oe with the
seamonkey browser suite, which still supports win9x computers unlike
firefox which ended support at 2x. seamonkey includes a mail and news
replacement, and is also compatible with firefox addons, the most
important being noscript,since most viruses and spyware get on your
computer through nasty java-script code.

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