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request in namespace

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I have created a namespace and a class as an additional project. I have made
a referenece to my new namespace inside my web project and am happily using
my new namespace. However I have one small problem.

I wish to create a method inside my namespace to return the URL of the root
of the site. To do this I need to use the methods

request.servervarianle("SERVER_NAME ") and request.applicationpath()

however these two functions are not availible from my namespace, even though
I have imported seystem.web

Please could somebody explain how I access the "request method " from a
class, what namespace must I import, it lokks to me like this functionality
is not allowed in a class..

I am tryng to get the url to the root of my site

for example ---- if a website -- if a virtual directory

http://servername/ -- if a website on my local server

http://servername/virtualroot/ if a virtual dir on my local server

any help is appreciated.



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