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Re: USB Motherboard Pin Pitch and adaptors

Mike Easter
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T wrote:
> I have bought a Mitsumi 7 in 1 Media Drive

That link sez "The FA402A fits into a standard computer bay and
consolidates all the different memory cards standards into one unit and
includes a 3.5 Floppy Disk"

The Mitsumi website has a .pdf which illustrates the physical installation
of a similar USB multipurpose drive, altho' I'm not 100% sure that what I
found is the exact same drive to which you refer.

The link you provided calls the model FA402A, but I only found the 7FDD
FA404M which provides an illustration of the USB internal mobo pinouts..

Mitsumi page
..pdf link FA404M Installation Manual (English)

Quick installation manual
Internal FDD & Flash Memory Card RW
MITSUMI Multi-Drive 7FDD FA404M

That manual has an illustration of the USB pins and some advice about
connecting to the mobo.

> This is designed to connect to the internal motherboard USB headers.
> My PC motherboard does not have any so I have bought USB CABLE 1' -
> type A M to 1x5 M cable

That isn't going to work. See the pins in the .pdf.

What is your mobo? It is highly likely to have some kind of internal USB
connectors because that is what the case USB connectors connect.

> Unfortunately the pins do not line up. The card reader required pins
> much closer together than the pins on the FrontX cable. The simple
> solution is a new cable but searching the web does not bring up any
> that are any different from the Frontx cable.
> Does anyone know of a source of cable or adaptors that would fit?

Let's start with the resources of your mobo. What is it?

Mike Easter

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