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[ANN] Web pages optimization tool

Anthony Goubard
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Japplis Releases a New Version of its Website Optimizer.

Japplis has released Japplis Website Optimizer 2.0. This new release
allows to further optimize web sites.

Japplis Website Optimizer optimizes web sites by using several techniques:
* Remove unneeded spaces and shorten tags when possible.
* Add width and height attributes to images if missing.
* Optimization of the CSS.
* Optimization of the Javascript.
* Compression of the web pages, CSS and Javascript.

Web pages, CSS and Javascript files are reduced by more than half their
original size.

What's new:
* Possibilty to choose which files to optimize.
* Optimization of PHP.
* Possibility to run it as command line and Ant task.
* Possibility to optimize only in compressed files.
* Several bug fixes and small improvements.
* Also available the Beta version of Japplis Website Optimizer Lite

The advantages are that the web pages are downloaded and displayed
faster. Also bandwidth costs will be reduced.

Japplis Website Optimizer is available at

Run online:

Best regards,
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