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checkbox on usercontrol in formview - databinding

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Hi guys

I've got a formview, and have added a usercontrol I devised as the
Insert and Edit template. In order to get databinding working, I have
had to specify the full path to the control :

<asp:FormParameter formfield="ctl00$MainContent$frmUser
$uf1$CheckBox1" Name="active" Type="Boolean" />
<asp:FormParameter formfield="ctl00$MainContent$frmUser
$uf1$vchHomepageTextBox" Name="homepage" Type="String" />

This is fine for the textbox. However, when the checkbox is binding,
instead of the "Checked" property (ie. True/False) being returned, the
"Text" property is.

Can anyone advise how I can bind to the "Checked" property of the
control ?

thanks in advance
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