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Hi all,

I`m experiencing a strange issue: I`m using a Linksys WAP4400N access
running the last firmware released, WPA2-enterprie through RADIUS
authentication, AES encryption. All the clients are Windows XP SP3, all
microsoft updates installed, the main server (the same for Active Directory,
RADIUS and DHCP) is running Windows 2003 SP2.

I`m working in a MPLS environment, the main server lies in the
headquartiers, only the DHCP server is local for every office.

The issue is that the wireless clients are authenticated properly all the
time but they are not able to get any IP address by the DHCP server, unless ,
this sounds weird, they are connected to the network through a cable as well.

Using wireshark I see that:

- the RADIUS authentication is done properly (usually thru CA certificates
but even without)
- the DHCP server works properly it release a DHCP offer packet as a DHCP
discovery packet is received
- the DCHP keeps sending DHCP discovery packets, it`s like the DHCP offers
are ignored or not received.

My laptop works fine in the headquartier, it got connected 7 times on 10 in
an another office (50 km from the headquartiers) and it got connetcted all
the time using Ubuntu. In another office, 230 km far from the headquartiers,
I was not able to get connected at all (I didn`t try ubuntu actually, I` ll
try tomorrow) unless using the ethernet cable as well. It sounds like a
time-out issue or so in between the RADIUS authentication and the DHCP
process, but I don`t think so, the DHCP servers work fine all the time.

Thank you in advance,

Best regards,


Brusegan Daniele
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