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Re: Find and replace is appending when run more than once ...

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      04-17-2009 Removed) wrote:
> Hello,
> I grabbed some sample code from the web and put together this python
> script which searches all subdirectories for a specific file type, then
> replaces a string with a new one. Out of curiosity I ran it again.
> Here's what happens (this also happens for the files I am looking to
> replace OutputPath=Z:\ with OutputPath=Z:\DXF):
> 1st run: replaces OutputPath=Z:\ with OutputPath=Z:\CSV )
> 2nd run: replaces OutputPath=Z:\CSV with OutputPath=Z:\CSV\CSV
> 3rd run: replaces OutputPath=Z:\CSV\CSV with OutputPath=Z:\CSV\CSV\CSV
> And so on.
> I cant figure out why it's doing this if I am searching a certain string
> value and replacing it. I am also perplexed on why it is only adding
> the "CSV" each time rather than the full string. What I want it to do
> is only replace once. Next time I run it it shouldn't do anything.
> import fnmatch,os,sys
> mydir = 'C:\\!DOMSExtractor'
> findStr = 'OutputPath=Z:\\'
> def replaceStringInFile(findStr,replStr,filePath):
> tempName=filePath+'~~~'
> input = open(filePath)
> output = open(tempName,'w')
> for s in input:
> print findStr
> print replStr
> output.write(s.replace(findStr,replStr))

This is replacing 'OutputPath=Z:\\' with 'OutputPath=Z:\\CSV\\' because
findStr is 'OutputPath=Z:\\' and replStr is 'OutputPath=Z:\\CSV\\'.
Unfortunately replStr starts with findStr, so if you had:


then you would get:


Notice that this string still contains 'OutputPath=Z:\\', so doing it
again would result in:


Perhaps you could do something like this:

# Start with:
# 'fooOutputPath=Z:\\bar'
# or:
# 'fooOutputPath=Z:\\CSV\\bar'

new_s = s.replace(findStr, replStr + '*')

# Now have:
# 'fooOutputPath=Z:\\CSV\\*bar'
# or:
# 'fooOutputPath=Z:\\CSV\\*CSV\\bar'

new_s = new_s.replace('\\*CSV', '')

# Now have:
# 'fooOutputPath=Z:\\CSV\\*bar'
# or:
# 'fooOutputPath=Z:\\CSV\\bar'

new_s = new_s.replace('CSV\\*', 'CSV\\')

# Now have:
# 'fooOutputPath=Z:\\CSV\\bar'
# or:
# 'fooOutputPath=Z:\\CSV\\bar'

> output.close()
> input.close()
> os.remove(filePath)
> os.rename(tempName,filePath)
> print filePath
> def myfun(dummy, dirr, filess):
> for child in filess:
> filePath = dirr+'/'+child
> if '.ini' == os.path.splitext(child)[1] and
> os.path.isfile(filePath):
> print file(filePath, 'rb').read().find(findStr)
> if file(filePath, 'rb').read().find(findStr) <> -1:
> if fnmatch.fnmatch(dirr+'/'+child, '*BGExtract.ini'):
> replaceStringInFile(findStr,'OutputPath=Z:\\DXF\\' ,filePath)
> elif fnmatch.fnmatch(dirr+"/"+child, '*GISExtract.ini'):
> replaceStringInFile(findStr,'OutputPath=Z:\\CSV\\' ,filePath)
> os.path.walk(mydir, myfun, 3)

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