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Problem in Creating Database Through Enterprise Library 2.0

rao.kamran rao.kamran is offline
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I am having problem in trying to create database from my DataAccessLayer (DAL) using MS Enterprise Blocks 2.0. My application architecture is as follwos

1- MyService (WindowsService)
2- Business Entities Layer
3- Business Logic Layer
4- DataAccessLayer (DAL)

My only app.config is in root of my MyService project and setting.settings is in properties folder. When i try to create db i get the error
{" The type initializer for 'Microsoft Practices EnterpriseLibrary Common Configuration ObjectBuilder.EnterpriseLibraryFactory' threw an exception "}
I have copy pasted the config file and renamed its name spaces properly.

I have basically two project with the same architecture. In one project i can interact with database properly.

public void GetOASList(OASLiveToSanboxDataSet dsOAS, string Version)
Database dbDSS = CreateDSSDataBase();
DbProviderFactories.GetFactory("System.Data.SqlCli ent"));
DbCommand command = dbDSS.GetStoredProcCommand("spMediaGetOASList");
dbDSS.AddInParameter(command, "bWithAccount", System.Data.DbType.Int32, Convert.ToInt32(0));
dbDSS.AddInParameter(command, "UserID", System.Data.DbType.Int32, Convert.ToInt32(1));
dbDSS.LoadDataSet(command, dsOAS, dsOAS.OASConfigs.TableName);

protected Database CreateDSSDataBase()
return DatabaseFactory.CreateDatabase();
<dataConfiguration defaultDatabase="MyService.Properties.Settings.DSS ConnectionString" />
<add name="MyService.Properties.Settings.DSSConnectionS tring"
connectionString="Server=CMDLHRDSS01;database=DSS_ Test;user id=test;password=test;"
providerName="MyService.Data.SqlClient" />
Thank you in anticipation.
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jbuyers jbuyers is offline
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check your firewall or program manager to see if the whole damn thing isn't trying to rock a blocked port.

wish I had more to say on this one.
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