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Re: ISP data retention

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Logging *all* data that you output and receive using the internet connection
will consume a huge amount of disk space if you multiply by the number of
subscribers. Most probably they only log the connections you make. E.g. if
you go to, it logs that you connected to
but not what you sent/received to

But what you search is logged also as the search terms form part of the URL
when you search on google. Credit card details are sent as POST data and
most likely not logged.


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"remove" <"welsh(remove)wizard29"> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
>I heard (true or not) that some ISP's keep online activity for up to two
> If that is the case, it will include all purchases etc, passwords and
> credit card and bank details.
> Who would be privvy to that information?????

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