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Re: "str object is not callable" error

Gabriel Genellina
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En Wed, 08 Apr 2009 18:11:37 -0300, venkat sanaka <(E-Mail Removed)>

> i was using python/c api to call a python function from c and I know the
> name of the function which i want to call.Is there any way to do that??
> This is the method i tried...
> for eg:This is the python function i wants to call.
> >>>def add(x):

> ... return x+10
> This is my code in C:
> PyObject *result = NULL;
> int arg;
> PyObject *arglist;
> arg = 123;
> my_callback = "add";
> arglist = Py_BuildValue("(i)", arg);
> result = PyObject_CallObject(my_callback, arglist);
> Py_DECREF(arglist);
> return result;
> I was getting a error like "str object is not callable".From the error i
> came to know that i was assigning "add" as a string which caused this
> error.Then how to make it a callable object??

This is what one would write in Python:

import some_module

Do the same in C:

callback = PyObject_GetAttrString(some_module, "add");
if (!callback) ...error...
result = PyObject_CallFunction(callback, "i", arg);
return result;

Gabriel Genellina

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