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comparing MAC addresses
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On Apr 11, 8:44*pm, Juha Nieminen <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> (E-Mail Removed) wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > * * I was just looking for a example code in C++ which converts 2 mac
> > address.

> > Mac Address A : 00:0E:AA:BB:CC:EA(Hexadecimal form)
> > Mac Address B: *1 0 94 0 0 2

> > I want to convert Mac address A to decimal form and then compare both
> > MAC address are equal or not. Any example code will be helpful for me.

> > Could anybody help me in this regard?

> * There's a major problem in your question: You haven't specified where
> you are reading those addresses from and in which format.
> * Are those addresses in an ascii file which you are trying to read, or
> something like that? Can you give us an example of such file so that we
> would know better exactly what is it that you are trying to achieve. And
> where do you want that converted address to be output? To another ascii
> file?
> * It's basically impossible to answer your question "how to convert from
> Mac Address A to Mac Address B" without knowing how you are reading the
> first address in the first place, or where the converted address should
> be output.

The input is from a binary file which contains series of octets.The
output is another file if the MAC address matches.

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Juha Nieminen
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      04-12-2009 Removed) wrote:
> The input is from a binary file which contains series of octets.The
> output is another file if the MAC address matches.

In that case your question makes absolutely no sense. If the input is
binary, and the mac addresses are already in byte form, then there's no
conversion between "hexadecimal" and "decimal". Those are *ascii*
representations of numbers, not binary ones.
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