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Re: Hard Drive Revving noise

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Steve.IA wrote:
>> Dell Optiplex GX280
>> XP pro SP3.
>> Intel Pentium 4 3.00GHz
>> Maxtor 6Y250M0 HD
>> 2048 Mbytes Ram
>> Occasionally, even when pc is not working hard, say, playing
>> solitaire or using MSWord to write this, I can hear the HD rev up
>> for a few seconds then coast down. It will often not do it for
>> hours, but after it starts, it revs every 15 seconds or so and may
>> or may not continue. I can't make it start, and nothing I've tried
>> will make it stop. It seems to have a mind of its own, starting and
>> stopping the series of revs.
>> I've watched using Task Manager and Process Explorer but can't see
>> anything unusual. The CPU usage doesn't come close to maxing out,
>> just little spikes that may or may not coincide with the sounds.
>> They rarely go over 4% usage.
>> I've checked the processes being used and see nothing unusual.
>> For test purposes I've shut off the AVG antivirus and physically
>> disconnected from the internet, but this has no effect on the sound
>> generation or frequency.
>> I've checked the Event Viewer and saw nothing that corresponded to
>> the revving noise.
>> The temperature sensor hasn't gone over 140F whenever I've checked
>> it and it revs at cooler temps also. The PC has 2 cooling fans, 1
>> for the HD and 1 other. The sound is not coming from these fans as
>> I've had the case open listening for the sound and it's definitely
>> the HD.
>> The PC is running fine, it's just new to me and the sound is
>> disconcerting as I've never had one make this kind of sound for no
>> good reason. (well, maybe it's a good reason, I just can't identify
>> what it is.)
>> Is this revving normal? Is it just a noisy HD?
>> Thanks for your kind responses.
>> Steve
>> 41N

Or a fan.

Is it dirty inside?

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