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pyspread 0.0.11 released

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pyspread 0.0.11 released



Pyspread is a cross-platform spreadsheet application that is based on
and written in the programming language Python.

Pyspread provides an arbitrary size, three-dimensional grid for
spreadsheet calculations. Each grid cell accepts a Python expression.
Therefore, no spreadsheet specific language has to be learned.
Python modules are usable from the spreadsheet table without external

Pyspread runs on Linux, Windows and *nix platforms with GTK+ support. I
have reports that it works with MacOS X as well.

New features in 0.0.11:

* Recursion detection for slicing operations added
* Dependency to networkx added
* Command line options added
* Command line help added
* Unicode support added
* Save As and Save functionality separated


* Print without selection now prints visible screen (BUG 2366895)
* Empty cells are now empty on print out (BUG 2366916)
* Copy works again (BUG 2407435)
* Internal variables stop showing up in macro dialog (BUG 240782
* Copy result now works on Windows (BUG 2569877)
* Replace now updates cells properly (BUG 2569880)
* Resize function works now (BUG 2569895)

Known issues:

* On Windows, Python 2.6 causes trouble with wxPython
Please use Python 2.5
* Recursion detection dows not work with nested structures.

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