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Re: gcc 4.3 and c++0x thread

Lionel B
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On Wed, 01 Apr 2009 22:46:05 -0700, WK2 wrote:

> Dear C++ experts,
> I just compiled gcc v4.3 for Sparc Solaris v9, and trying to test new
> feature(library) of c++0x thread. But from my code, gcc spits out
> saying that it can't find the file at this line:
> #include <thread>
> and I did give this option -std=c++0x (or -std=gnu++0x) -- but still get
> the same error.
> Could anyone point what I'm doing wrong?

Posting to this group, probably (it is for C++ *language* issues only, as
opposed to compiler specifics - try asking at

FWIW, I believe that the current release (4.4.0) includes experimental
support for <thread>. See


Lionel B
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