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Is the NZ Company - MSGTAG - Out Of Business? - DO NOT BUY ITS PRODUCTS IF IT IS.

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As a subscriber to MSGTAG Version 2, I'm entitled to e-mailed tech support
within 2 days of submitting a description of my problem.

On March 13, I sent an e-mail to tech support, requesting assistance.

In times past, I received an auto-reply, which provided a problem ticket
number as well as a request for future information.

On the above occasion, I did not receive a reply of any sort.

On March 16, I once again e-mailed tech support, but received no response

On March 17, I submitted a description of the problem via the web form
located at

That did not result in any reply.

On March 18, I called Simon Fisher, the contact person listed in the Whois,
and left a message in his voice mailbox, detailing the problem. I also
included my 'phone number and e-mail address.

The above resulted in no reply.

During the afternoon of March 20, I e-mailed Simon Fisher, explaining the
nature of the problem and requesting help.

Due to the tagging of the e-mail sent, I know that he opened it some 7 hours

That, too, did not result in a reply.

The purpose of this e-mail is two-fold:

1: Is anyone else experiencing non-replies from tech support and/or Simon
2. If the above is now the norm, I suggest that no one purchase any products
from the company as it is clear that its contractual obligation to provide
tech support is no longer being honoured.


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I haven't had an e-mail go through the MSGTAG server since April 20, 2011. E-mails to their e-mail support address are returned as undeliverable.If they're not out of business, they're conducting business in a very strange way.

I suggest that people avoid the company until they clarify the situation.
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