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Benchmark Reviews take a look at the ACARD ANS-9010 DDR2 SATA RAM, a solid state RAM-Drive made of several DDR2 memory modules:

In conclusion, the ACARD RAM-Disk isn't what you would want for running Windows or any other Operating System; let one of the other SSD's we've tested do that chore. The reason you'll want the ANS-9010 is for it's blazing fast read speeds, reaching 510 MBps in RAID-0. Because of the sensitive battery-maintained data retention system, important data should not be stored on the ANS-9010, but instead this product makes the perfect scratch disk for video editing tasks or heavy compiling procedures. I can't recommend the ACARD ANS-9010 to casual users, because the package cost is too high to justify and the intended application is more specific. The professionals who understand that time is money will see the value, and that's exactly where this RAM-Disk makes the most sense.
Read more here.
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