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firefox 3.1

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thanks Rom ,
now that's an answer .
"Rom" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:1kwl5foy7pxb7.1fgxcqsh8vqha$(E-Mail Removed).. .
> On Wed, 18 Mar 2009 14:40:46 -0400, D. wrote:
>> has anyone used FF 3.1 and if so ,
>> what do you think of it ?

> I have a Fx 3.1b3 portable and can see quite a few UI changes, many I
> don't care about while a couple will save me using one add-on and css.
> A few changes I like are the tab bar always showing /by default/
> instead of auto-hiding; finally has a new tab button on the tab bar
> after the (rightmost) tab; Bookmarks and History sidebar and Downloads
> search boxes are now consistent with the Library search box in having
> a search/clear button; multiple bookmark tagging is now possible in
> the Library.
> Other changes I don't care about are the Location bar now doesn't
> drop-down unless searching bookmarks/history; Tools > Options >
> Privacy, under History can change what the Location bar suggests;
> Clear Private Data has been changed to Clear Recent History and from
> the Tools menu it has options of what/how much to clear; and there's a
> Private Browsing mode on the Tools menu.
> While I still don't like some things and changes in Fx 3.x and (need
> to) use more add-ons and customisations, Fx 3.1b3 doesn't seem to have
> many improvements/changes I'm interested in.
> --
> Rom

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