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deploying not working??

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Okay, I'm a newbie at publishing so like I've done something ignorant here...

I've got the book professional 3.5 (wrox) and it talks about publishing by using the Build --> Publish Web Site from the menu in Visual Studio 2008.

Well, I did that. I left the check box "Allow this precompiled site to be updatable" checked. I didn't mark any other settings, and clicked OK. It showed it running and publishing to my host, BIZHOSTNET.COM.

I can see some files in there though I don't see any .dll file unless its just not showing the extension. When I type in my web name, it stills shows the default bizhostnet commercial page, not my site. I'm thinking their support sucks because all they instructed when I asked how to publish my SQLexpress 2008 web, was to publish from visual studio. ??? Well, apparently you can choose ftp or front page. I chose front page because the book seemed to suggest that would be a good way.

What did I do wrong? If I click on the name in my folder at the host for my temporary web name, I get this message:

HTTP Error 403.1 - Forbidden
You have attempted to run a CGI, ISAPI, or other executable program from a directory that does not allow executables to run.

Module IIS Web Core
Notification MapRequestHandler
Handler PageHandlerFactory-Integrated
Error Code 0x80070005

* The "Scripts" or "Scripts and Executables" flag is not configured in Rights and Permissions at the server, site, application, or page level.
* The configuration/system.webServer/handlers@accessPolicy attribute does not have Script or Execute configured.
* Execute access is denied when you try to run a CGI file or other executable.
* Script access is denied when you try to access an ASP, ASP.NET or other dynamic scripting file.
* The script mapping for the file you are trying to run is not configured to recognize the HTTP verb you are using (such as GET or POST).
* The HTTP verb for the script mapping is case sensitive, and use upper case. The HTTP verb "POST" is correct, while "post" is incorrect and execution is denied.
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