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Spanning tree issues with wireless

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hi all,

I've come across to a problem that I still can't sort out. I wonder if anyone can give me a hint.
We have very distributed site with multiple layer3 and layer2 switches connected via fibre and backup, redundant wireless links. The LAN structure is more or less flat, just a couple of VLANs set up, spanning over a few switches. Until recently everything worked fine, STP seemed to have had no issues and it took care of all redundant links. As soon as we have setup a "hub and spokes/star"-type of wireless connection when 3 different sites within the same LAN were connected to a wireless "hub", everything started to go crazy. To be more precise, if we have 2 spokes connected to a wireless "hub" it works ok, but as soon as 3rd one connects, the whole LAN just goes crazy. Some links go down, then go up then down again and so on... It takes about 20 minutes for the whole LAN to just grind to a halt. Well, that 3rd wireless link works totally fine if it is not redundant, I mean if I disconnect the switch where the wireless AP connected to, from fibre (so wireless would be the only way to connect to the rest of LAN) it works fine, then if I disconnect wireless and connect fibre, again it is fine, unless they are both connected at the same time. It seems that in case if I have a redundant connection it breaks everything.
So far i've been trying to sort out STP priorities on switches, setting priorities/costs on ports, etc. etc. Nothing helps.
We are using NETGEAR L3 and L2 switches (sorry, not my choice, I'd have gone for Cisco) and their support told me some ideas re tuning up STP, but that was not applicable to a full extent in our situation. Does anyone have any ideas ?
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