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Re: Metered

wisdomkiller & pain
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Van Chocstraw wrote:

> Our power is metered so we only pay for what we use. Why can't broadband
> and cable tv be metered so we only pay for what we use. Right now we pay

Well, more electrical power needs to be produced on the other end, which has
to be paid for. No reasonable "flatrate" from any power corp. so far. For
industrial power, the fees are derived from maximum demand as well, and
also depend upon day- or night time to help with load balancing.

> the same if we download a terabyte a day or do nothing for a month. On

A big part of the costs is infrastructure and maintainence, independent of
actual leech usage. Mail servers and spam/abuse handling are good examples.
The bandwidth can and will be overbooked to some extent, as well.

> TV we pay the same if you only watch 1 hour a day or 24 hours a day.

Even more so. Transmitter stations and program costs are the same no matter
how many people are actually viewing. Well, content provider broadcast fees
depend upon proposed "coverage", but income from advertising will do as

> There is something wrong with that. I want to just pay for what I use
> allowing for a small access charge.

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