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Re: Wireless Routers and Cable Service

Evan Platt
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On Fri, 06 Mar 2009 14:42:16 -0500, Removed) wrote:

>I use Optimum On Line and they advertise "up to 15Mbps" on their service. I have
>a dedicated line coming into the modem. Doesn't share my cable TV. Lately, I've
>been getting way less than what I consider an decent speed. After two phone
>calls to tech support, they sent a tech out today. He says that my signal into
>the modem is fine. Even a little above average. But he also said that the fact
>that I have a wireless router hooked up, can slow down the signal to my computer
>which is why I see low speeds when I test it at a site like Why
>would my router be sloing down my speeds? It's a Linksys router that's maybe
>four years old. Is it possible that newer routers don't slow things down? If so,
>I'll buy a new one. And I also updated the firmware on the router to see if that
>helped, which it didn't. If it matters, I'm using WIndows XP Pro on a P4 3.2Ghz
>machine with 2Gb RAM. Thanks.

Is OptOnline a cable or DSL service? I'm guessing at 15 mbps, it's
cable. And Up to means under optimal conditions - ie with no one else
on. Cable is essentially a shared service. You share the connection
with everyone else on the same node as you.

Try 's speed test. What speed does it say you're
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