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firefox pre-loader

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fatsteve wrote on [Tue, 03 Mar 2009 11:59:57 +0900]:
> John Doe wrote:
>> <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>>> D. wrote:

>>>> i've just installed " firefox pre-loader " and
>>>> it definitely loads firefox faster .
>>>> why wouldn't everyone use this ?

>>> why should they? With fast computers now a days, its
>>> obsolete.

>> Have a fast computer on which the pre-loader helps speed up Firefox
>> loading time.

> I don't know what you guys do but I open Firefox once when I start the
> computer and never close it, with reboots far apart, usually 1 - 3
> weeks sometimes more. Besides that Firefox doesn't take that long to
> load, for me 10 - 15 seconds on my athlon 1.6ghz with only 512mb ram
> which I don't consider to be over the top. How long does it take for
> you guys? With and without the pre-loader?

Let's see, I have add-ons that seem to update every couple of days, I
also encounter issues where FF runs into 500+MB of RAM usage just doing
regular work stuff and need to restart it.

Takes over 30 seconds to start, on a Core 2 Duo @ 2.2Ghz and 4 GB of RAM

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On Tue, 03 Mar 2009 07:25:27 GMT, John Doe wrote:

> Rom <- -.invalid> wrote:
> On Tue, 3 Mar 2009 16:48:51 +1100, Rom wrote:
>> On Mon, 2 Mar 2009 13:33:33 -0500, D. wrote:
>>> i've just installed " firefox pre-loader " and
>>> it definitely loads firefox faster .
>>> why wouldn't everyone use this ?

>> Firefox Preloader: <>
>> 1. An extra (old) third-party program.

> Isn't third-party programs what open source is all about?


Firefox Preloader is a four year old (non-Mozilla) third-party program
that runs *in addition* to Firefox. A *new* version of Firefox
Preloader is to be released soon.

>> 2. It uses memory itself and having Fx partly loaded.

> Memory use is not a problem since the advent of Windows XP.

Everyone doesn't run WinXP and didn't four years ago. Firefox
Preloader was intended for not just WinXP but previous Windows
versions. Four years ago people generally didn't have a lot of RAM,
and there's many today that don't. The point being, those with slower
systems or lacking RAM and wanting Firefox to start faster, need(ed)
to have another program installed, always running and using memory.

>> 3. Problems updating while running.

> Close it before updating.

Look at the available settings in Tools > Options > Advanced > Update.
The default is auto, most people don't change defaults, but people can
change or use what they want.

If a downloaded new Fx version is used to upgrade by installing over
the top and Firefox Preloader is closed before installing, if Firefox
Preloader is started before opening the newly upgraded Fx (makes sense
to start the Preloader again if using it and about to start Fx again),
then there's compatibility checking which can also cause problems.

> I have problems installing add-ons (like
> your alternative) with third-party cookies disabled, so they are
> enabled before installing an add-on.

You not having cookies enabled or not adding such site(s) to cookie
exceptions is not "Problems updating while running" Firefox Preloader.
Add to cookie exceptions and allow for session.
Or save to disk rather than installing add-ons directly from site(s).

>> 4. There's an alternative to Firefox Preloader.

> With the alternative, apparently right clicking and closing the
> "window" does not work properly when more than one Firefox icon is
> on the system tray, that is after you have opened and minimized more
> than one instance of Firefox.

More than one instance of Firefox? Multiple Fx versions, multiple
profiles, or multiple windows?

The author of Firefox Preloader has been using, suggesting,
recommending to use the alternative, a Fx extension, instead.

>> 5. Not necessary with modern OSs

> Like the utility you are bashing,

Troll much.

Normal people that can read, know the OP asked the question
"why wouldn't everyone use this ?".
Listing five things I could think of, some the same as the author has
written, is not bashing or like bashing.

>> and faster systems.

> Unless you want it to load quickly the first time (three seconds is
> not quick IMO), and you want it to minimize to the system tray when
> closed. I could have Firefox run on startup, but then it would not
> close to the system tray.

I use a third-party tray minimiser-window manager that works for all
32 & 64-bit apps/windows system-wide.

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