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Re: Usenet service?

Mike Easter
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Coffee Lover Girl wrote:
> cross post to less than 10 groups max,

There is a 'problem' with groups or participants in groups in which this
kind of posting style of yours prevails:

Newsgroups: nj.general, oh.general, md.general, ny.general, la.general,

Newsgroups: co.general, alt.politics.conservative,
alt.politics.usa,us.politics, alt.society.liberalism

Newsgroups: co.general, talk.politics.guns,,, alt.politics.republicans, alt.politics.usa,
us.politics, alt.politics.usa.constitution.gun-rights, alt.guns

I'm probably not the right one to rant about this issue, because all of my
views about this aren't agreed on by many -- but I will say that I don't
think that anyone should initiate any post or crosspost into any group
which they don't subscribe to and read regularly - no blind posting or
crossposting, and they shouldn't crosspost reply that way either.

If I am reading a message in co.general and I don't read nj.general or
oh.general or md.general or ny.general or la.general or miami.general and
someone posts a message to all of those groups -- first of all, neither I
nor a great many other people are ever going to see the message because it
is so crossposted as to get autofiltered out.

Then, if by some chance I see the message, when I reply to it, I am going
to snip out all of those crossposted groups and only post my message to
co.general, because that's the group I read. Then, if someone reading
only ny.general was the one who posted the message I'm replying to, they
aren't going to see my reply. The whole thing is a mess.

And there is more wrong than that, but I'm going to hold off a bit.

Mike Easter

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