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Re: Usenet service?

Mike Easter
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Coffee Lover Girl wrote:
> I'm looking for a low cost usenet service that would allow me to use my
> own reader,

Everything does

> cross post to less than 10 groups max,

You don't want to be recklessly crossposting for numerous reasons, such as
a lot of people will filter you out on the assumption that you are a
troll. The other reasons are that various newsreaders have various
policies about allowing the posting or propagation of crosspostings with
various degress of severity or zaniness

> I dont need binaries,

That makes it easy. There are more free newsservers for posting which
don't carry binaries.

> and post anonymously with a large pool of groups available.

What exactly does anonymously mean in this context?

If anonymously means you get to munge your From to whatever you want, that
won't be a problem. If anonymously means that you don't have to register
with the newsprovider to post, that will curtail the choices a lot. If
anonymously means that your posting IP isn't stamped in an NPH line, most
won't stamp an NPH. If anonymously means that nothing about your
registration or IP will be logged by the newsserver and subject to
judicial subpoena, that will be a big problem. Naturally all pay
providers will have a registration.

It appears that your current access is which gives
you access to giganews service. What is wrong with that?

Mike Easter

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