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c.Win32_OperatingSystem question.

bryan rasmussen
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Maybe there's a more specific list I should ask this question on but I
don't know what it is. I'm using Tim Golden's wmi stuff, and putting
my output into an XML document.

I have the following bit of code

root = et.Element("locations")
ComputerInfo = et.SubElement(root, "ComputerInfo")
ComputerName = et.SubElement(ComputerInfo,"ComputerName")
ComputerDomain = et.SubElement(ComputerInfo,"Domain")

location = et.SubElement(root, "location")
locationpath = et.SubElement(location, "locationpath")
locationtype = et.SubElement(location, "locationtype")
currenttime = et.SubElement(location,"time")

currenttimeZone = et.SubElement(ComputerInfo,"timeZone")
BootDevice = et.SubElement(ComputerInfo,"BootDevice")
BuildNumber = et.SubElement(ComputerInfo,"BuildNumber")
BuildType = et.SubElement(ComputerInfo,"BuildType")
Caption = et.SubElement(ComputerInfo,"Caption")
CodeSet = et.SubElement(ComputerInfo,"CodeSet")
CountryCode = et.SubElement(ComputerInfo,"CountryCode")
Description = et.SubElement(ComputerInfo,"ComputerDescription")
FreePhysicalMemory = et.SubElement(ComputerInfo,"FreeMemory")
LocalDateTime = et.SubElement(ComputerInfo,"LocalDateTime")
Locale = et.SubElement(ComputerInfo,"Locale")
Manufacturer = et.SubElement(ComputerInfo,"Manufacturer")
Organization = et.SubElement(ComputerInfo,"ComputerOrganization")

OSType = et.SubElement(ComputerInfo,"OperatingSystem")
WindowsDirectory = et.SubElement(ComputerInfo,"WindowsDirectory")

# print "ok"
# time.sleep(3)

for oper in c.Win32_OperatingSystem():
# print "here"
# time.sleep(3)
ComputerName.text = str(oper.Name)
ComputerDomain.text = str(oper.Domain)
currenttimeZone.text = str(oper.CurrentTimeZone)
currenttime.text = str(datetime.datetime.utcnow())
BootDevice.text = str(oper.BootDevice)
BuildNumber = et.SubElement(oper.BuildNumber)
BuildType.text = str(oper.BuildType)
Caption.text = str(oper.Caption)
CodeSet.text = str(oper.CodeSet)
CountryCode.text = str(oper.CountryCode)
Description.text = str(oper.ComputerDescription)
FreePhysicalMemory.text = str(oper.FreeMemory)
LocalDateTime.text = str(oper.LocalDateTime)
Locale.text = str(oper.Locale)
Manufacturer.text = str(oper.Manufacturer)
Organization.text = str(oper.ComputerOrganization)

OSType.text = str(oper.OperatingSystem)
WindowsDirectory.text = str(oper.WindowsDirectory)

At the end of that thhe only text node thaht comes out is
ComputerName, WMI is running - Am I using the wrong names for things
here? When I try to get the same values using WScript and WQL to
extract from Win32_OperatingSystem I get all the values.

Best Regards,
Bryan Rasmussen
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