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Re: Vista64 filehandling oddity - new discovery :-(

Jud Hendrix
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On Sat, 14 Feb 2009 17:12:59 +0000, Jud Hendrix <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>Folks, discovered an oddity with Vista64 + SP1, which I want to warn
>you about. I sometimes get a bunch of files e-mailed to me in 10MB
>I put them in a directory and un-RAR them by Right-clicking the first
>file and do an Extract Here.
>Next step is I drag-scroll down to the end and then do a
>Shift-Ctrl-End to select all the files up to the end.
>Now oddly enough the file which is unpacked, the first one in the
>list, is also automagically selected. So if I would simply delete the
>files, the one I needed, would be deleted.
>Anyone else experienced this? It could be a destructive exercise when
>I would Shft-Del without checking

Got one of these e-mails again today, and I noticed that it's not only
when I select the files per key, also when I scroll down and click the
last file, the one before the first selected file, is also selected.
It looks like it has to do with the file being unpacked, appearing
before the packed files. Let me explain:

These are my files


I now right-click aaa.r00 and via context-menu extract to the current
folder. So far, so good.
The new file is created before the compressed files, so the folder
looks like


If I now hold the Shift-key, and click the last file in the list,
being aaa.rar, the aaa.psd file is also selected!!!!!! It's as if
Vista doesn't look at the filename, but at the position in the folder
window to make the selection. So if I would delete the files now, the
one which I needed, is also gone. This works with selecting by mouse
or keys. Try it for yourself.

I am testing Vista64 Ultimate with SP1, but this flaw made us decide
to post-pone any further conversion of our systems. We are currently
also running a test of Windows 7, so what I'll do now is to see if
this also occurs on Windows 7. "I'll be back"

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